Lepa Therapy


Lepa Therapy

Lepa Therapy

The mere smearing of the medicated oil to a body part is known as lepa. Applying the paste of medicinal plants added with oil is also considered as lepa. After application, the oil is kept in the body for certain period and then washed off. Here any form of manipulation or massage does not follow application of oil. For the same reason, this procedure of snehana is said to be less efficacious than abhyanga. But, in some of the diseases states like obstinate skin diseases or peripheral vascular disease were performing the massage is impossible for evident reasons, lepa is the best alternative method of bahyasnehana.

Lepa Therapy Indications :

Sanskrit English

Kushtha              *  Skin diseases.

Tvaggatavata     *  Skin manifestations due to vitiated vatadosha.

Shirogatatvag    *  Diseases of the scalp.

Keshapatana     *  Hair fall

Darunaka           * Dandruff

Sandhyasthi      *  Painful condition of the musculoskeletal system.

Vatarakta           *  Peripheral vascular disease

Lepa Therpapy


For the purpose of lepa, oil is prescribed according to the diseases. Following oils are recommonded:

Lepa Therpapy

Vatarakta Pindataila
Hair fall Dhurdhurapatraditaila
Dandruff Dhurdhurapatraditaila
Crack foot Madhuchhishtataila
Eczema Marichaditaila
Burning sensation Chandanaditaila
Sciatica Vishagarbhataila
Acne Kumkumaditaila
Degenerative Joint Disease. Karpooraditaila



Application of oil is preferred after the bath. If the client is suffering from any skin diseases, the lesion is properly cleaned using decoctions or specified disinfectants. The client is made to sit or lie down comfortably. The part of the body to treated is exposed. Prescribed oil is then painted to the body part with the help of a cotton tampon. The oil applied is kept undisturbed for several hours or till the next application. And then is washed off. Bengal gram powder may be used for clearing the oil.

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